Why Are We Like This?: A ‘Top 5’ History of Murdering Our Characters

Level with me, do we all instinctively find the most creative and dramatic way to murder our video game characters? From my own experience, and chatting to a few friends, it seems like not only do we all do that, but we all somehow find really similar spots to do it. Here’s my mini-market research on our top 5 ways to kill off our characters over the years.

5. The Empire State Building, Spider-Man 2.

Honestly, everyone I’ve spoken to in my life that played this game did ,at one point, take Spidey all the way to the top of the Empire State Building just to live through the satisfaction of throwing him off it.

4. Swimming pools. Fires. Death by Flies, Sims.

I can’t believe there’s literally walkthrough after walkthrough on YouTube about how to kill your Sims.

3. Swan diving, all Tomb Raider.

I thought this was just a me thing, but to no surprise, someone else has swan dived off all tall objects in the Tomb Raider series. Sorry Lara!

2. Jumping off buildings, GTA V.

This has almost 2 million views. Are we surprised? I’m not.

1. Terrible engineering, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2.

“Your park has recieved an award for being the safest park in the country!” Umm. I don’t think so. The most sadistic thing about RollerCoaster tycoon is the music.

Honestly, why are we like this? I’m a perfectly nice girl but give me a Sim, a nice rug, and an open fire, and I can’t be responsible for what happens next.


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