This is a little blog about video games. You’ll see a variety of posts (maybe too varied) based on games from several platforms including PS4 and Xbox One. When I find news that really interests me, I’ll post it up with my own spin on it to hear what you think too. The focus is wide, touching on old and more current games. This is mainly because I don’t have the revenue to buy every new game the day it’s released so that I can write about it – although one day, I’d love to be in that position. You’ll probably find I post a lot of odd posts on here that make you say, what is this girl talking about? An amass of lists, opinion pieces, and photoblogs.  So, this blog is for you if you love reading about games, the industry, and like a different spin on games as a medium.

I also can’t promise that, as a graduate, I won’t be critically analysing games against wider societal issues and media theory*. Potentially.

Anyway, my name’s Emma. I’ve been gaming since I was around four years old when my dad introduced me to Doom on the Nintendo 64, which I still swear is one of the best FPSs I’ve ever played. I then quickly moved onto Tomb Raider II on the PS1, and my love has snowballed into my adult years. I’ve also loved reading and writing from a really young age, going on to study English at university, writing is what makes me happy. So the next logical step for me is to start writing about games – I can’t think of anything better. Even if it’s just one person reading it (e.g. my mum, hi mum), that’s enough for me. I want to produce something I’m proud of, and lend my voice to the ever-growing community of gamers and writers.

Outside of games, I love movies and going to the cinema, yoga, Tex-Mex, and fresh coffee. I do volunteer work outside of blogging and my actual desk job, including social media for a small grassroots poverty reduction initiative (take a look!).

Hopefully amongst my gamer babble you can find something you enjoy to read, and start a conversation with me about things that interest you too.

*My undergraduate dissertation was a research piece on Call of Duty 4 and its commentary on terrorism. Dunno how I got away with that one, thanks Bournemouth University!